Our P 1/2 class has 18 pupils –  11 Primary 1s and 7 Primary 2s.

Our teacher is Mrs Paton and Mr Sinclair.

This term we are learning about the African Savannah through our topic On Safari.

We are making a factfile about lots of different animals.

We have also been making pictures of the animals to put on our big display to show how they would have lived in the Savannah.

We have also been using our digital skills this term.  We have been learning to code with the wee Beeboot.  First we have written the program to make the card Beebot move along the track to find some food.  Then we put the program into our Beebot to see if all the steps were there.  Next we did a bit of debugging if anything went wrong.  After that we reprogrammed the Beebot to see if it would work this time.

We have also been using QR code this year to get onto the games that we play to help us practise our skills, like reading and maths.

We use the Read Write Inc’ reading scheme in P1/2.  It focuses on learning sounds and we use our phonics skills to help us to read.

Mr Sinclair will be in our class on a Thursday.

Mrs MacLean will be doing some music skills with us on a Tuesday morning every two weeks.


PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We need shorts, a t-shirt, and indoor and outdoor gym shoes which we can leave at school all term.

Every Monday we visit the library van and choose a book to take home.  Choosing a book is fun and there is lots to choose!!.