Our P1/2 class has 12 pupils –  6 Primary 1s and 6 Primary 2s.

Our teacher is Mrs Paton.


circus pic

Our topic this term is The Circus.  We have been learning about the different performers in the Circus, and writing about what kinds of things they do.  We had a visit from Emma, a real live circus performer, who told us all about her life in the circus.  She answered our many questions, and even showed us some of her fabulous acrobatics.


We worked in groups to design and construct a big circus play corner in the classroom.  Claire, our Active Stirling co-ordinator, came in to do a circus skills workshop with us, which was brilliant fun.  She has let us borrow some of the circus equipment which we are using in our P1/2 Super Circus.

empty circus    circus skills 1   circus skills 3

We have written facts about the circus, and made up super circus stories using lots of wow words.

For maths this term we have been learning about money.  We learned about the different coins, and added different amounts together.  We set up a wee shop in our classroom to help us to practise spending money and giving change.

IMG_4657  IMG_4641  IMG_4640

For PE this term P1/2 have been doing gymnastics with Mrs McLaughlan.  We are now going to be starting ball skills and fitness skills.

Mrs Cushing came along to do Kodally with our class after Christmas.  We were singing rhymes and learning to keep the beat.

Mrs MacLean has been in doing some music skills we us too this term.

staff_clare  IMG_5334[1]

Every Monday we visit the library van and choose a book to take home.  Choosing a book is fun.