Our teachers in P5-7 are Mrs House and Mrs Jackson.

This term our topic is The Highland Clearances. We were divided into 5 groups (crofting, crofters, black houses, sheep, eviction notices and eviction) and we had to work together to research our topic, and then made a display that showed what we had found out.


During Internet Safety Week, we were learning all about fake news and the impact it can have.  We were also learning how to keep safe on the internet.  We shared our learning with our grown-ups at an assembly.

Fake News

In maths we have been practising our mental maths skills using Numeracy Ninjas – it is really good fun and really helping us to improve.

As part of World Book Week, we decorated our door, and we came in to school dressed up as book characters, or in our pyjamas.

P5-7 chars

As part of our John Muir Award activities, we visited Flanders Moss again this term.   We were investigating the different types of lichen on The Moss, and trying to spot any adders that might be slithering about.  It was a freezing day though, and any adders were keeping warm at home!