School Improvement Priorities:

After consultation with staff and children, we have identified 5 priorities for school improvement during the 2016/17 session:


* Outdoor Learning.  We will continue to build upon the work started with the ‘Grow Your Own Pizza’ project, and look towards broadening the outdoor learning experiences provided for the children.


* French will be introduced from Primary 1 and Spanish from Primary 5.  This is being developed across our Learning Community so that all children entering S1 at McLaren High School will have had similar language experiences.  Gaelic will continue to be taught at points throughout the school year.


* Food Education.  Following on from being awarded a ‘Food for Thought’ grant we have added to our cooking and food preparation facilities, and are looking towards using these with each class over the course of each term.


* We will continue to explore the principles of nurture, and how to develop a growth mindset in our pupils, our staff and perhaps even in our parents / carers!


* Numeracy.  Our McLaren Learning Community will be working on developing this together.